News and Recommendations

News, updates, goings-on, and recommendations for food, healthy ingredients, supplements, recipes and more – we aim to have this page be the hub for it.

We are back after a long hiatus. We have been rebuilding, refocusing on the needs of our community to help build a sustainable way to think about affordable food and food products to promote health and well being.

The AfriCan FoodBasket is a social enterprise and has been dedicated to building powerful, sustainable, nutrition systems that ensure good health as well as access to cost-efficient, healthful, and locally accessible food and ingredients for communities. We advocate for backyard agriculture programs and education, as well as for products and ingredients that promote such health for low-income and urban communities. Through training on community gardens and holistic health, AFB advances wellness and awareness of food sustainability for a wide range of people. In addition, AFB will often advocate for products we feel add to the health and well-being of our community, and people in general.

We have various rotating Volunteer opportunities for those interested in contributing to the health of their communities. Please check back often as we update this section regularly.

One of our upcoming initiatives is one that will involve teaching individuals to operating a bootstrap backyard farm, even if they are new to farming. Everything from creating your own CSA, to rabbit hutch building, raising chickens and vegetables will be covered.

You will find everything from recipes, reviews of products we like and endorse, community events, articles to help with these ideas and more. Please check back often to reach out and help us build the community we all want – one that builds us all up at the expense of no one else.

We have plans to publish more:

  • sustainable garden plans and layouts;
  • recipes covering the fusion of African, Caribbean,, European, and Cajun cuisines;
  • supplements which augment and aid people fraught with living in a food desert;

and the list goes on.

Be the change, the positive change- that you wish to walk through in the world. Let us work together in this. Thank you, and please check back often!