African Food Recipes

African Food Recipes

Highly Nutritious

Highly Nutritious



Top 4 Tempting African Food Items You Cannot Avoid

The Land of Varieties, Africa, is known for diversity. The continent gives plenty of opportunities to create delicious and lip-smacking tasty recipes since it has an abundant supply of exotic food ingredients and unique foodstuffs. African food recipes are unique, and you will love to taste the top 4 African food items mentioned in this section. Know one thing that the items in African countries may be same, but the making procedure differs. African foods are highly nutritious and tasty at the same time.

Alloco: The Best Traditional African Recipe

The delicious plantain snack is fried and enjoyed extremely by the Africans. Served with tomato sauce, egg, and chili, this item is a real hit. It is too much popular in Ivory Coast and other African countries. The meal is perfect for almost every occasion. The leading African dish may also be availed from Cote D’Ivoire Street.

Brik Is The Popular North African Food Recipe

The lip-smacking Brik is pastry recipe which is deep fried. It is precisely Tunisian meal and may be availed in different forms. Egg Brik is popular where the whole egg is placed in the pastry pocket along with servings like tuna fish, parsley, finely chopped onion and sauces.

The Jewish Food Cholent

The popular Jewish food is eaten on the day of Shabbath. The recipe is the mix of beans, meat, potatoes, and barley. There are several variants of Cholent, but the basic item uses these ingredients only.

Rice Meal: the popular African meal

Rice Meal is the most popular African food recipe. Rice Meal in Africa ranges from Fried Rice to Jollof Rice.

So, enjoy any of the above mentioned African Food recipes.…

Important Facts You Should Know About South African Food Recipes

South Africa is known for its distinctive culture, appearance and also delicious food items. South African culture is popular for different cooking styles and unique African delicacies. If you want to explore the culture of Africa, it is best to get introduced to African food. Africa boasts unique African food recipes and amazing cooking styles. Foods have high nutritional value, and this is well reflected in the use of highly nutritious and a range of ingredients and herbs. Walking around African streets will let you find sushi to beef burgers, Indian to Chinese food. As the continent is biggest, Africa is home to various beliefs and cultures. African culture and the huge influx of travelers have influenced food habits, cooking styles and African food. Certain dishes are specific to some locations in Africa while others may be enjoyed all across Africa.

Foreign Travelers Influenced African Cooking

South African food is exotic, but the cooking style is influenced by travelers visiting Africa from all across the globe. It seems that everyone has his/her way of cooking an African dish. So, we can say that there are several variants of African dishes. Certain dishes are meant to be eaten during festivals or religious celebrations. Some items are cooked just for homage while others act as appetizers.

Popular Exotic Food Of Africa

Among all the African food items, mention must be made about Snake Meat which is favorite among the natives and foreign travelers. You cannot watch an exciting Rugby match without savoring the taste of Snake Meat.

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